According to the manufacturer's specifications, modern automatic transmission oils should be changed at least every 50,000 to 60,000 km. Some manufacturers do not prescribe a change interval for so-called "lifetime fillings".

Nevertheless, damage or defects to the automatic transmission can occur. Increasing wear and contamination of the automatic transmission oil contribute to a gradual deterioration of the transmission. To avoid this, automatic transmission oil flushing is recommended and prescribed by more and more manufacturers.

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Art. Nr. 13017E

Cleaning and maintenance of the entire automatic transmission system easily and quickly with only one device. The ATF-AUTOMAT Evolution Premium offers a variety of automatic functions, which make it easier for the transmission specialist to carry out a transmission oil change. A manual operation is also possible.

Furthermore there is an ATF database with corresponding pictures of the individual adaptations on the different vehicles.

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Art. Nr. 13023E

A standard adapter set (orange) and three additional adapter sets (black) for the automatic transmissions of various vehicle manufacturers are already included in the delivery.

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