EUROLUB’s new disinfectants range

We are proud to announce that EUROLUB is now ready and able to provide disinfectant products in the shortest time possible from our production plant in Eching, near Munich. Due to our agile work processes and a rapid changeover of production, we were able to react to the current demand. We offer you two products in different quantities. We provide great service while doing our part for the local community!

EUROLUB Hand Disinfectant

Our hand disinfectant is highly effective at combating bacteria and viruses such as SARS-CoV-2, and is produced on the basis of the recommended World Health Organisation (WHO) formulation. The hand disinfectant is suitable for professional use. Distribution to private consumers is not permitted.

EUROLUB Surface Disinfectant

Our surface disinfectant is ready for use and cleans all washable objects and surfaces. It has a very good material compatibility, and post-treatment of the disinfected surface is not necessary.