Sustainability is part of EUROLUB's corporate philosophy, which is why we attach particular importance to the selection of our service providers.


Our company is climate neutral


Since 2021, we as a company have voluntarily made ourselves climate-neutral. Based on the CO² footprint, which was created in accordance with the guidelines of the internationally recognized Greenhouse Gas Protocol by Focus Future, we compensate for unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions by purchasing high-quality climate protection certificates. The certificate of Fokus Zukunft confirms the orderly and legally valid processing.

In the long term, reduction measures should reduce the CO² footprint as much as possible. All emissions of our company were recorded and evaluated by an independent auditor: the commutes of the employees, the heating and paper consumption, but of course also the entire fleet.


- Certificate for download

- Certificate of silence for download

- Greenhouse gas balance for download

- Information on climate protection projects for download


We voluntarily invest in the following projects:


➤ VCS Wind Energy Namibia (Projekt-ID: 1915)


The bundled project involves the construction and operation of a 10 MW wind power plant on the greenfield site near Luderitz in the Karas region of Namibia. The project data at a glance:



The project contributes to the following sustainability goals:



➤ GS Water Treatment Zimbabwe (Projekt-ID: 6522)


The project involves rehabilitating dilapidated boreholes in the rural districts of Chipinge and Mutare and strengthening sustainable structures at community level. In Zimbabwe, 32.7% of people in rural areas do not have access to a clean water source.

The project data at a glance:



The project contributes to the following sustainability goals:





➤ GS Cooking Oven Kenya (Projekt-ID: 5642)


Efficient, improved stoves are a more sustainable, economical and healthier way to cook. Burn Manufacturing ("Burn") has built a factory in Ruiru, north of Nairobi, that produces highly efficient charcoal-fired stoves. The project data at a glance:



The project contributes to the following sustainability goals:




➤ Our bees – beefuture


From the first quarter of 2020, we adopted bees on our company premises in Eching. The company beefuture sets up beehives with us – we invest in sustainable nature conservation and harvest our own honey. Currently, the company Eurolub owns over 4 bee colonies that allow us to present each employee with a 500 gr. glass of delicious organic honey once a year.



➤ Our fruits from Fruitful Office


We are happy to provide our employees with fresh fruit. The selection of the service provider for sustainability reasons was very important to us. Fruitful only supplies us with fruit from producers from Germany, Central and Western Europe and plants a fruit tree in Malawi - Africa for every fruit basket sold.

So far, we have achieved the planting of about 500 fruit trees through 500 fruit baskets.



➤ Our container disposal with PARTSLIFE


Together with PARTSLIFE, we take responsibility for the disposal and recycling of products - always with the aim of fulfilling legal requirements, cost efficiency and protecting the environment.



➤ Our paper destruction with Shred-it


We already make sure to avoid printouts in our office day, but still a lot accumulates. Therefore, it was particularly important to us to find a supplier for disposal who would recycle the shredded paper 100% – with Shred-it we found it!



➤ Our location in Eching


    • o In 2021, we built 4 e-charging stations to supply our guests' electric vehicles and the personal needs of our employees together with:

    • o Our forklift fleet has been converted from diesel to electric in the last 3 years

  • o Already in 2018, we converted the entire lighting of the Eurolub location to LED
    • o Since 2011, we have been operating a photovoltaic system on one of our logistics halls, which has enabled us to save about 400,000 kg of CO² together with: