1. €0.00
    Silicate-containing premium engine coolant with most approvals for all common passenger cars.
    Container Art.-No.
    1L 10012424
    20L 10012425
    60L 10012418
    210L 10012419
  2. €0.00
    Silicate-free premium coolant, especially suitable for new high-performance engines with extended replacement intervals
    Container Art.-No.
    1L 10012411
    20L 10012426
    60L 10012421
    210L 10012422
  3. €0.00
    New generation premium coolant with silicon additive package. Optimum protection for aluminium, iron and non-ferrous metal materials.
    Container Art.-No.
    1L 10012431
    20L 10012429
    60L 10012428
  4. €0.00
    Organic Acid Technology with silicates and phosphates (PSi-OAT) for the special requirements of the modern engines of the Volkswagen Group
    Container Art.-No.
    1L 10012441
    60L 10012442
    210L 10012443