For EUROLUB, the topic of sustainability is part of the corporate philosophy, which is why we place particular emphasis on the selection of our service providers.

Our first product is climate neutral

As a pioneer in the industry, we climate-compensated our first product back in March 2022. We had our PCF (product carbon footprint) for the WIV ECO 5W-30 6 liter variation calculated together with First Climate and then climate-compensated it by purchasing high-quality climate protection certificates.

The following were taken into account:

  • Sales volumes
  • Transportation and distribution
  • Packaging
  • Preliminary products (chemicals)

Certificate WIV ECO 5W-30 6 Liter


Our company is climate-compensated

Our company is climate-compensated since 2021.
Based on the carbon footprint, which was calculated by First Climate in accordance with the guidelines of the internationally recognized Greenhouse Gas Protocol, we offset unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions by purchasing high-quality climate protection certificates. The First Climate seal confirms the proper and legally valid processing.
In the long term, reduction measures are intended to reduce the carbon footprint as much as possible.
All of our company's emissions were recorded and assessed by an independent auditor: employee commuting, heating and paper consumption, but of course also the entire vehicle fleet.


We voluntarily invest in the following projects:

  • Mine gas collection, North Rhine-Westphalia
  • Energy-efficient cooking stoves, Uganda
  • Hydropower in the Himalayas, India
  • Forest reforestation, Uruguay
  • Energy efficiency promotion, Mongolia

Our bees - beefuture

Since the first quarter of 2020, we have adopted bees on our company premises in Eching. The company beefuture is setting up beehives on our premises - we are thus investing in sustainable nature conservation and harvesting our own honey. The company Eurolub currently owns six bee colonies, which enable us to give each employee a 500-gram jar of delicious organic honey freshly harvested once a year.


Our snack from Fruits4Work

We like to provide our employees with fresh fruit. 
Fruits4Work stands for innovation, climate protection and the careful use of our own resources, which makes it a very good fit for us. All fruit that is sorted out but still good to eat is also donated to Arche and Tafel München.

We are delighted to have found a partner who represents our values and provides us with fresh fruit.

Our packaging disposal with PARTSLIFE

Together with PARTSLIFE, we take responsibility for the disposal and recycling of products - always with the aim of complying with legal requirements, being cost-efficient and protecting the environment.

Our paper shredding with Shred-it

We already try to avoid printouts in our everyday office life, but a fair amount still accumulates. It was therefore particularly important for us to find a disposal supplier that recycles 100% of the shredded paper - and we found one in Shred-it!

Our location in Eching

In 2021, we installed 4 e-charging stations to supply our guests' electric vehicles and our employees' own needs; we now have a staggering 10 e-charging stations in front of our buildings.

Our forklift fleet has also been converted from diesel to electric in recent years.

We switched all the lighting at the Eurolub site to LED back in 2018.
Since 2011, we have been operating a photovoltaic system on one of our logistics halls, which has enabled us to save around 400,000 kg of CO².