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EAP 111+ Engine and Transmission Flush - 300 ml

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High-performance cleaner and system care with improved formula for all petrol and diesel engines as well as manual and automatic transmissions and differentials.


High performance cleaner for all gasoline and diesel engines as well as for manual transmissions and differentials.

  • Dissolves dirt and gumming in the entire oil and lubrication circuit.
  • lubrication circuit
  • removes residues in the piston ring and upper
  • cylinder area
  • neutralizes harmful engine acids
  • cleans hydraulic valve tappets and eliminates
  • rattling noises
  • protects the entire engine system
  • increases the service life of the aggregates
  • more power, less exhaust fumes, less consumption

Add to used oil at operating temperature before each oil change. Run engine at idle speed for approx. 10-15 min. Then replace oil and filter according to the manufacturer's instructions. The cleaner can be disposed of with the used oil without any problems. Sufficient for up to 6 L oil.

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