1. €0.00
    Praktische Kanne zur einfachen Handhabung von Ölen.
    Container Art.-No.
    Zubehör 13030
  2. Container Art.-No.
    Zubehör 900370
  3. €0.00
    High-quality workshop gloves in EUROLUB design.
    Container Art.-No.
    Zubehör 900350
  4. €0.00
    Trendy, quilted jacket in EUROLUB design.
    Container Art.-No.
    Größe M 900600
    Größe L 900605
    Größe XL 900610
    Größe XXL 900615
  5. €0.00
    Handmade from original EUROLUB barrels. Table height 60cm, diameter of the table top 60cm. Armchair height seat 38cm, total height 67cm.
    Container Art.-No.
    Zubehör 1 10123
    Zubehör 2 10122
  6. €0.00
    Stationary tank system for Conveying lubricants with double-walled storage and Collecting tank with 1000 liter filling volume, Level indicator, Ventilation hood, pneumatic pump 3: 1 12 L / min, manual flow meter digital, conveyor hose 4m and bracket for HDZ with Drip tray.

    Techn. Data:

    Working pressure: 8 bar max. delivery rate: 9 L / min Air connection: 1/4 inch
    Container Art.-No.
    Zubehör 13015
  7. €0.00
    Lockable product display, powder-coated, with adjustable floor feet to compensate for unevenness. Versatile height adjustable grid shelves and integrated oil sump. Dimensions: L 1200 x W 591 x H 1423 mm
    Container Art.-No.
    Zubehör 10128
  8. €0.00
    Sump tray for storing water-polluting and flammable liquids. Manufactured from 3 mm sheet steel, with type approval and test mark according to StaWaR. Removable, hot-dip galvanized grating with space for 2 x 208 liter drums. Loading capacity: 500kg Collecting volume: 210 liters Outer dimensions: W x D x H 1200 x 800 x 260 mm ground clearance for forklift transport: 100mm
    Container Art.-No.
    Zubehör 13010
  9. €0.00
    Robust metal rack for space-saving storage of 3 x 60 liter metal drums on top of each other. Including steel sump tray and oil can holder. Dimensions W x D x H: 490 x 700 x 1390 mm
    Container Art.-No.
    Zubehör 13011
  10. €0.00
    Height adjustable collection hopper with sieve.

    Capacity hopper: 18 liters


    Capacity tank: 90 liters

    Container Art.-No.
    Zubehör 13012
  11. €0.00
    Building authority approved storage tank for water-polluting liquids with a flash point > 55°C, for stationary installation in rooms as single tank without additional collecting space. Max. media density: 1.2 kg/l
    Container Art.-No.
    Zubehör 13016
  12. €0.00
    The ATF-AUTOMAT Evolution Premium offers a variety of automatic Functions that make it easy for the transmission specialist make it easier carry out a gearbox oil change. Manual operation is also possible. Cleaning and care of the entire automatic transmission system simple and fast with only one device.
    Container Art.-No.
    Zubehör 13017
  13. €0.00
    Standard adapter set for the EUROLUB ATF AUTOMAT EVOLUTION PREMIUM.
    Container Art.-No.
    Zubehör 13018
  14. €0.00
    Container Art.-No.
    Zubehör 13023
  15. €0.00
    • Suitable for refuelling small motors in chain saws, lawnmowers etc.
    • Gluck-free pouring due to integrated ventilation
    • Reduces the escape of petrol fumes
    • for industrial and packaging canisters with DIN 40 screw connections
    • outer spigot: 21mm / length 160mm
    Container Art.-No.
    Zubehör 13009